The Dame And The Tower – postmortem

Hey, folks! As many of you may already know, I proposed to my girlfriend on, exactly, this year’s May 7. And, in order to do that, I made a game! *shouts and jumps frenetically*

This is the first postmortem I ever wrote, so I don’t even know if the information here will be THAT relevant for anyone. Hope my memory doesn’t fail me! Let’s see how it goes.
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Pathfinding in Caste Break

I recently bumped into this, which is a demo page for a great pathfinding Javascript library. I noticed that none of the offered algorithms works the same way as the one I made for Caste Break, so I’m sharing my implementation here. I don’t know if this algorithm already exists and has a name, or if there’s an easier way to achieve the same thing. If so, please, drop a comment!
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Global Game Making Fun

Much have happened since my last post, personal and gamedev sides. I couldn’t participate on GameBoy Jam 2 (although my shirt is being constantly used!), but I’m currently working on the idea I originally had for it. I’m really proud of how this game is turning out to be, but I’ll talk about that on a future post, because last weekend I could join this year’s Global Game Jam, YAY!
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